Liddington legends!


During the four-day trip to Liddington, our group experienced a whirlwind of exciting activities and created lasting memories. On the first day, the boys settled in and explored the expansive 150-acre site, building anticipation for the adventures to come. Tag Archery kicked off the action, with the boys showcasing their skills.

The second day brought a full day of exhilarating activities, including Vertical Climb, trapeze challenges, buggy building, and canoeing. The boys soared to new heights and accomplished feats they never thought possible.

The third day was filled with survival skills training, orienteering challenges, fencing, and the thrill of a giant swing. The boys continued to push their limits and discover hidden strengths. A lively silent disco in the evening provided a memorable conclusion to the day.

On the final full day, the sun graced us with its presence as we engaged in archery, raft building, abseiling, and rock climbing. The boys embraced the challenges and further honed their skills. In the evening, we gathered around a campfire, sharing stories of our adventures and discussing plans for the upcoming half-term break. The boys proved to be excellent company, and their growth and newfound abilities impressed both the staff and themselves.

A special thank you was extended to a generous parent, who acted as a fairy godmother, providing emergency supplies of delicious coffee, biscuits, and refreshments throughout the trip. The gestures were greatly appreciated and kept us fuelled for the action-packed days.

Overall, the Liddington trip was a resounding success, fostering camaraderie, personal growth, and unforgettable experiences for all involved.