Bruern Abbey Prep School

Welcome to Bruern Prep

Bruern Prep School is well-established as the only prep school in the country that caters exclusively for boys diagnosed with learning difficulties. Located just over an hour from London and 15 minutes from Oxford, the school provides the perfect setting for boys to thrive and engage in a plethora of opportunities. The Prep school is a 20-minute drive from the Bruern Senior School site

Academics are of paramount importance at Bruern Prep. Due to boys' learning difficulties, they need to be taught in very specific ways to help them reach their full potential.

To achieve this Bruern Prep is split into two halves, the Junior School and the Upper School:

  • The Junior School is for boys aged 8 - 11 (National Curriculum Years 4 to 6)

  • The Upper School is for boys aged 12 and 13 (National Curriculum Years 7 and 8)

This is crucial in bringing boys' literacy and numeracy skills up to speed and hence why we have twice as many English and Maths lessons as a standard prep school would for all our juniors, coupled with having two teachers in each class for these key subjects.

Historically it is so often these core skills that have hindered boys from both comprehending the work being studied and showing their potential.

    The Bruern boys break stereotypes, each is an individual and not a label, they all find their own strength’s here and are subsequently empowered; the acceptance of others, the in it together spirit and resilience is contagious.

    Parent 2023