Joining Bruern

Joining Process

The joining process for Bruern Abbey Prep and Senior School is somewhat lengthy – and rightly so, given the Schools' small size and specialist nature – but it can be summarised as the five-stage process outlined below.

  1. Having already provided the School with an up-to-date Educational Psychologist's report and any recent school reports, the parents of prospective boys come to visit the School, meet the Headmaster for half an hour and then have a thorough tour of the School.
  2. If they like what they see, parents can register their son for one of our assessment mornings by completing and returning the prep school registration form or senior school registration form - depending upon for which year group you are looking to register your son.
  3. These assessment mornings happen in term times throughout the year and involve the boy coming to visit Bruern, undertaking some English and Maths, having a tour and chatting with our Head of Learning Support. It may also include staying for the afternoon and taking part in sport.
  4. Following this, a provisional offer may be made and/or your son will be invited back for a further taster visit for the day only (if a day pupil) or for an overnight stay (if a boarder). This final stage helps the School to confirm both that your son would benefit from coming to Bruern, and that he would enjoy his time here. Occasionally, a further taster visit may be required.
  5. Once the taster visits are concluded then the final outcome will be confirmed to parents as soon as possible.

    For further information, please complete our short enquiry form to register your interest and we shall be in touch. Alternatively, contact Deborah Swift, Admissions Registrar, directly through email: or telephone: 01869 934132.