Executive Head's Welcome

Welcome to Bruern

The School's raison d'être is to prepare boys, who have dyslexia or some other form of learning difficulty, for Common Entrance, GCSEs and beyond.

Learning difficulties should not preclude academic success.

We provide a tailored education in beautiful surroundings and maintain high expectations for the academic future. We aim to enhance boys' self-esteem, in the firm belief that confidence is the key to academic success.

So why Bruern Abbey?

The key differences between Bruern and other schools are essentially fourfold.

  • All boys come to Bruern with a laptop, which is used in most lessons. For those who have difficulty in expressing themselves as swiftly or as coherently on paper as they do in speech, this is an absolute godsend
  • There is a clear focus on literacy and numeracy, with nine periods each of English and Mathematics a week
  • All classes have eleven pupils or fewer and senior classes have twelve pupils or fewer – allowing boys more individual attention in class
  • Boys are rarely taken out for remedial support, as their needs are met in class

We are steadfast in the teaching of those traditional values which are dear to us all, and we place an emphasis on good manners and self-discipline and encourage boys to share their aspirations and their anxieties.

Is Bruern Abbey the ideal school for your son? Please come, have a look and judge for yourselves.

John Floyd MA PGCE

Executive Head, Bruern Abbey