Our Vision

Our Vision

Bruern Abbey School caters exclusively for boys diagnosed with learning difficulties and prepares them for Common Entrance and GCSEs to mainstream public schools, and beyond. We firmly believe that learning difficulties should not preclude academic success.

Our Mission

Bruern provides a tailored education in inspiring surroundings and maintains high expectations for all boys’ academic futures. Bespoke and expert teaching coupled with a broad appreciation of the value of all-round education, enhances boys' self-esteem thereby creating an atmosphere conducive to success.

Our Commitments

In many respects, Bruern is a traditional school, with a broad curriculum, full and varied sports, activities and cultural programmes and the adherence to good manners, self-discipline and common courtesy. We place great emphasis on experiencing all that prep and senior school life has to offer, making every effort to give the boys an action-packed time – be it musical, theatrical, cultural or sporting.

Bruern also differs from traditional schools in a number of ways which allow our boys to succeed at Common Entrance, GCSEs and be ready for life beyond.

  • Improving the academics and self-esteem of boys who have been struggling at their previous schools and return them to academically mainstream schools through the Common Entrance, the GCSEs or other exams
  • A clear focus on literacy and numeracy, with eight or more periods each of English and mathematics a week. We have approximately twice as many English and maths lessons as standard schools for all our Junior School boys, and there are two teachers in each class for these key subjects
  • Small classes (twelve pupils or fewer) which allow boys more individual attention in class
  • Limited withdrawal for remedial support, as boys' needs are, usually for their first term, met in class
  • The extensive use of IT, including laptops, as a tool with which to deliver the curriculum - for those who have difficulty in expressing themselves as swiftly or as coherently on paper as they do in speech, this is an absolute godsend
  • The importance attached to good food and to finding the time for the boys within their busy schedule to eat, talk, play and relax together without the distraction of television or electronic games.