Conquering Snowdonia! Penned by Leo S.


Written by Leo S.

This week the students of Bruern Abbey Senior School have taken a “Holiday”

To the north of Wales, Snowdonia, where they have endured many perilous, yet interactive and experimental activities, that have caused a spark to be lit within the profusely beating hearts of those who attended them. One of the extensive tasks required of the boys was mountain climbing an obligatory exercise in which, shock horror, you climb a mountain, this experience may have caused heart palpitations (I’m being satirical) but the view was breath-taking, in the literal sense as I was catching my breath before my instructors gave me the chance to look at it, in all seriousness it was one of the most beneficial and enlightening feeling to be at one of the highest points in north Wales. Another one of the activities , coasteering, was the highlight for many boys, this involved plummeting and plunging into the depths of the ocean off the cliffs and rocks, avoiding jellyfish the size of dinner plates and having squabbles in the water, it was a truly genuine and spirited moment for us all. Other activities such as paddleboarding and climbing were just as invigorating, and this week has been truly memorable and inspiring. I hope all my peers have a relaxing weekend in which they can rest their leg muscles and have a good long continuous sleep, enjoy your weekend.