A giraffe, a muggle and a chocolate bar!


This week has been a wonderful experience for the Lower Juniors and the staff alike! It has been a fabulous to get out of the confines of the school and explore the wider world.
The boys were treated to an insight into wildlife conservation on Tuesday when we visited the Cotswold Wildlife Park. We were astonished at the range of rare and beautiful animals and birds that we encountered. The animals were equally surprised when they saw (and heard) us on the park train! It was an excellent trip and a privilege to see such rare and beautiful animals. In addition, the boys were thoroughly entertained by the bears who's ‘farts’ smelt like popcorn! Certainly a talking point for them on the coach on the way back to school! A shorter trip on Tuesday, allowed us to have a blast back at school in the afternoon before a restful night.

Wednesday was the biggy and the one that the boys have been talking about for weeks! The sheer joy on the boys' faces as we arrived said it all. Voldemort is no match for Bruern Abbey! After being sorted in the great hall, we escaped wizzarding chess and finished up with tea at Hagrids house. What an adventure! The Warner Brothers Studio London was a huge hit with our boys and certainly captured their imaginations. This was a fabulous day out on epic proportions.

Cadbury's staff welcomed us in with a chocolate bar each on Thursday. They clearly know their customers! Happily munching, we started our tour in a 'cinema with moving benches' where we learned about the making of chocolate. Further in our tour we saw beautiful creations out of chocolate. The boys practised writing their names in chocolate with some surprising results. Perhaps we need to broaden our handwriting practice....
Having seen and tasted different flavours added to chocolate the boys were tasked to design their own packaging for a new type of chocolate in our DT workshop. They applied themselves well and came up with interesting flavouring ideas and packaging. A job well done by all. Plenty time in the playground to burn up some calories before returning to school - there were many sleepy children on the bus on Thursday; I think even Miss Hunter managed 40 winks behind her sunglasses!

Friday Forest School Frenzy!! Friday saw a day based in the glorious Bruern grounds with the boys cooking on the bonfire, den building and team work for a morning full of fun. Soaking up the Bruern woods and all they have to offer.

What a week! The boys have been an absolute pleasure and I think 'trip week' has been a hit! Wishing you all a peaceful and relaxing half term break.

Mrs Muckalt, Miss Hunter, Mr Ford, Mrs Crabtree and Matron Kay