Beyond the Classroom: Senior School

“Friendly and calm learning environment. Teaching boys to recognise their own strengths and to grow into becoming confident, talented young gentlemen.”

Bruern Abbey Senior School Parent 2023

Beyond the Classroom


A myriad of clubs include Art, DT, Cookery, Computer Programming, Beginner’s Greek, Crafts and Film club. Parents are able to make their selections through our Activity forms.

Art: An opportunity to work independently in the art studio using any artistic media. From oil paints, clay and lino to modroc and spray paints.

Board Games: Play new and classic board games each week

Cooking: Risotto, pasta sauces, pancakes, chilli con carne are some of the things on the menu

Film: Relax in the drawing room watching a movie or TV show.

Public Speaking & Debating: Build confidence in your ability to communicate and work with others using debates and word games.

Clay Pigeon Shooting: Shooting at the Oxford Gun Company - approximately five sessions per half term

Yoga: An opportunity to find some calm in the midst of a busy week. Yoga gives boys the skills to look after their bodies and minds.

Climbing: Climbing instruction at Oxford Brookes - approximately four sessions per half term

Natural History Society: Explore and learn about the wonders of the natural world!

Polo: Small group lessons at Heathfield indoor arena in the winter with the opportunity to represent the school at SUPA tournaments. Approximately 5 sessions per half term.

Lego: An opportunity to let your creative juices flow or rather follow build instructions to the letter!

RC Club: Boys help design and build race tracks. Learn how to maintain and repair the cars and, of course, race them.

Astronomy Society: Explore the cosmos: Discover, observe, and learn about the mysteries of the universe.


Duke of Edinburgh

The programme allows boys at Bruern Senior School to gain recognition for their endeavours outside the classroom, as well as being the impetus to try new activities and put themselves outside their comfort zones. As such, we do encourage all boys in the Third Form to participate. The programme will develop their communication, commitment, leadership and ability to work as part of a team. Boys will make a difference to other people’s lives and their community, become fitter, healthier and stronger, develop strong friendships and make long-lasting memories. Bruern will offer the Bronze Award to all pupils and, on completion of the Bronze Award, boys will have the opportunity to complete the Silver Award.


Music lessons and weekly music recitals

The boys benefit from our pre-existing musical network of peripatetic musicians and private lessons in the following are available at the school. They also have the chance to showcase their musical skills on a weekly basis when parents are invited to formal dinner.

  • Piano

  • Drums

  • Guitar

  • Trumpet

  • French Horn

  • Singing

  • Violin

  • Saxophone

  • Bass guitar

Other instruments may be available on request

Bruern Ignite Lectures

This is a series of career talks and workshops which all boys will attend. Boys will gain insight from a variety of leaders in different sectors. These talks and workshops will open the boys’ eyes to the opportunities available to them beyond school and/or university, and demonstrate to them the relevance of their studies, thereby increasing their motivation.