Amici Bruerni

Amici Bruerni was established in 2010 as a registered charity (Charity No 1135207) with the objective of engaging in activities and providing facilities or equipment and to pursue such other ancillary educational activities and other associated activities for the benefit of the Bruern Abbey Preparatory School community. The trustees of the charity historically have been current parents of boys at Bruern Abbey Preparatory School. Although Amici Bruerni works very closely with the school, it is a separate legal entity and is not part of the Bellevue group.

Amici Bruerni works closely with the school in order to make impactful contributions across a range of areas - the aim is to assist across a wide range of interests and subjects, so that all parts of the Bruern Abbey Preparatory School community benefit from the fundraising. The Charity has provided funding for a wide range of projects, including the climbing frame and swings; the bouldering wall; the BMX track and recently, new BMX bikes; the chicken run (and chickens); and the rope bridge. In addition, the Charity has provided funding for things such a laser cutter for the DT department, new games kit, new gazebos and various lectures and workshops (including the art workshop for boys in Michaelmas 2022). regularly fund speakers and workshops for different year groups and across a range of subjects and interests.