Scale of Fees

Scale of Fees Summer Term 2020

In light of current circumstances and the fact that it is highly likely children will not physically be in school, we have reviewed our school fees for the Summer Term 2020.

Whilst many schools continue to charge full fees, Bellevue Education have made the following arrangements for Bruern Abbey School:

  • Parents of day pupils will be asked to pay 70% of day fees.
  • Parents of boarders will also be charged 70% of the day fees. There will be no charge for boarding.

Parents who are able, and willing, to pay 100% fees – or more than 70% – are encouraged to do so; any contribution above the 70% will be put into a dedicated fund to support other parents at this school who are facing temporary hardship and need assistance with fees. Bellevue will match, pound for pound, any contribution made in this way.

Fees in September 2020 will at the minimum be kept at the 2019/20 original level listed below, although we will continue to be mindful of the economic climate.

    Scale of Fees 2019/20

    The scale of fees for the academic year 2019/20 has been set at:

    • Boarding: £10,497 per term
    • Day: £8,725 term
    • Flexi-boarding: £61 per night
    • Speech & Language Therapy: Individual ½ hr session £60
    • Occupational Therapy: Individual ½ hr session £60

    Most optional extras will be invoiced at the end of each term.