Bread of Heaven vs Bruern Boys

Special Events

This week rugby fans from Bruern Senior & Prep had the chance to interview Lee Byrne with questions they felt may aid them in future life and also put him on the spot about changes in the rugby world since he retired.

Some of the boys gave their opinion on the current 6 nations results and refereeing decisions and really put Lee on the spot with asking him to name his most valuable 15 player team if he was in charge of the Lions.

As always the boys handled themselves with the utmost respect and the interview is available in full here.

Lee is a Welsh former professional rugby union and rugby league footballer who played in the 2000s and 2010s. His career has spanned from Bridgend to Llanelli to Wales to Lions to France. Lee is also an ambassador of the British Dyslexia Association and imparted valuable knowledge to the boys about how he coped and how it added value to his career both in the sporting arena and the business world he now finds himself in.