Boys create the Beast of Bruern with author Jack Meggitt-Phillips

Special Events

On Friday, we welcomed Jack Meggitt-Phillips, the author of the Beast of the Bethany series, which is very likely to be turned into an animated film. The juniors enjoyed a hilarious and entertaining workshop during which they created ghastly villains. Hector H was a superstar and took on the role of live illustrator as boys worked with the author to conjure such villainous beasts as giant snot-spewing spiders and piranha who swim menacingly through the fog.

The Seniors had a stab at writing a story as the author guided them through a story-writing template. The boys responded well and created some fantastical worlds such as 'The Cold War in Ollie and Nico's fridge'. It was a very inspiring visit and helped the boys harness their imagination and have fun just being creative. All boys will have a chance to buy a book next week.

Mr Overend