Prep School General Information

Attendance and registers

If your son arrives late to school, please do remind him to go to the office to sign in before heading to lessons. If your son is ill, please email If he will be off school for a set period of time, please let us know; otherwise, please email each morning he is ill to inform us that he will not be at school.

Pick up and drop off

Please take note of the following pick up and drop off times. This is largely to avoid congestion in the car park. If for any reason you are unable to make these times, please let your son's tutor know. If you are going to be late collecting your son after school, please can you call the office who can then relay the message to your son. The office closes at 6pm, however, so if you need to let your son know after this time, please call a member of the boarding staff who will notify them.

Timings in the school week

Please see below the drop off and pick up times for the academic week this term. Do not forget to sign your child in and out on arrival and departure on the Ipad in the front hall. If you are arriving later than the times stated below, please can you ensure that your child signs in at the school office.

Morning drop off

Evening pick up


9am (no earlier than 8.30am) If early drop off is required, please contact your son’s tutor


Tuesday- Thursday

8am-8.15am (tutor time beings at 8.15am)



8am-8.15am (tutor time beings at 8.15am)

JUNIOR- 3.20pm

UPPER- 3.40pm

London Bus departs at 4pm.

End of school day 4pm (if you require a later pick up, please contact your son’s tutor)

Pupils attending interviews

If your son has an interview at a senior school, please email his tutor and the School Secretary.


Please do not park in Chesterton Court. This is the stable block to the left as you drive towards the school. All parking is allocated to residents, and it is vital we keep on our neighbours' good side!

Formal Dinners
Parents are welcome to book for formal dinners with Karen ( With a lot of pent-up demand, we are, initially, having to limit bookings to one formal dinner per term for each boy. The school also holds a Thanksgiving Dinner and a Christmas Dinner. All boys are welcome to join us on these evenings; however, parents are unable to book on these dates.

Day boys staying for evening meals

Any Bruern boy is more than welcome to stay for supper. Please do just let your son's tutor know giving 24 hours' notice. Currently there are barbecues/outdoor suppers on Monday and Wednesday (finishing at around 6.45pm), and formal dinners on Tuesdays and Thursdays (pick up at around 7.20pm).


Please could you ensure your son comes into school equipped with a pair of headphones, which will be used in lessons. Please avoid expensive headphones, such as Beats or AirPods, just in case they are lost or damaged.

Chapel and Formals

All boys do need their formals at school for our weekly Chapel service.


Prep School: Please also be reminded to collect your son's laundry and spare clothing. These will be labelled in a brown bag, available daily/ weekly during school pick up.
Please contact housekeeping if you require any further information.