Keeping In Touch

As we always say, communication is vital, so feel free to get in touch. My email address is and should you have an urgent worry, my mobile number is 07841 841 476.

Similarly Mr Will Walker, Head of Senior School, is on hand should any parents need to contact him.


Mobile: 07732 604809

Please ask our School Secretaries any questions you may have.

Prep School Secretary: Karen Moore or telephone 01869 242 448

Senior School Secretary: Rosie Hufton or telephone 01844 395558

For Marketing enquiries and sharing of news then please email For example this could include achievements outside of school that you would like to showcase to the Bruern family via the weekly newsletter or Instagram.

Do check the secure Parent Portal areas as information is stored there for ease of reference. If you have trouble accessing this area then please contact the relevant Secretary.

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