Tennis: Senior & Junior v New College [A]

On Wednesday afternoon, Bruern’s tenacious tennis team (Juniors) played against New College in a pairs tennis match. This took place at New College’s, freshly trimmed, grass courts! We had two pairs from Bruern as well as two pairs from New College. The match featured 3x 25-minute matches, which called for some intense tennis action! Kit T and Blake J started off strong with Blake J’s powerful serves and Kit T’s persistent volleys. This got them the win in 2 out of the 3 matches. By the third match of the day, the pairs were switched. Blake J and Francis F really turned up the heat in this final match against New College. They were fiercely determined to win the set when the score board read 2-2, however, New College just took the win. Over on the other court, Eddie H and Kit T brought the same momentum and skilled shot-making, assisting them to grasp a final win for Bruern!

Overall, all the boys demonstrated exceptional teamwork, individual skill, and remarkable sportsmanship throughout the day. I was particularly impressed with a pair of New College boys who offered helpful advice to Eddie H and Francis F, which inevitably improved their game play.

It was a pleasure to watch and I hope to coach these boys again!

Miss Munns