Tag Rugby: Upper Sixth vs Staff

It’s great to see former pupils return to Bruern, keen to catch up with staff and see what’s changed, or not, as the case might be. When asked about their “Bruern memories” you can imagine that food and yellow jumpers are promptly recited. Quite often you hear “that match against the staff”, followed by a nostalgic recollection in detail, of a heroic victory by the boys. So not to disappoint and thus provide another year, of soon to be former boys, the opportunity to recall such an experience, a staff versus Upper Sixth tag rugby match was played this week.

With a squad of 20 very keen boys, against a less keen and sometimes less talented 9 staff, the match started with the usual banter from all quarters - not least the sideline, when a class or 2 of juniors joined the vocal contribution of the numerous substitutes. It was a match full of darting runs, expressive side steps and excellent balls skills – the staff on the other hand did well just to keep up but managed to keep the scoreline deficit to just one try at half time, despite some creative refereeing! The second half saw much the same, but it was the staff that clawed themselves back into the match to secure a 11-11 draw – a fitting conclusion to a very exciting match and another memorable experience.

Well done everyone!