Tag Rugby: Lower Sixth VIII v The Oratory Prep [A]

With nearly a fully fit and uninjured squad we made the trip across Oxfordshire and arrived at The Oratory Prep School. A game of touch was the order of the day. To some original disappointment from the boys about it not being a contact match they understood it was a fantastic opportunity to make good use of the space on the pitch and encourage wide attacking play.

From watching the game, it was a coach's dream. From one touch line to another, progressing up the pitch at great speed moving the ball up and down the line creating 3 man overlaps and scoring without anyone getting into contact, it was simple outstanding rugby from the team. I’ll be sending match footage to the England camp for some inspiration for Sundays match. Another strong performance and a win of 11-1.

We finish the half term with a home match at 14:30pm next Tuesday. I do hope that you will be able to support the boys from the sidelines.

Mr Wagstaff