Rugby: Upper Sixth XII v The Oratory Prep School [A]

Bruern took to the road once again to play in the lovely setting of Oratory Prep school near Reading. After a rather tumultuous couple of days practice the squad looked ready and determined. With grey skies and the threat of rain, the boys were also able to use the nice long, warm weather jackets kindly provided by Bruern parents, AB and Bruern. These were very gratefully worn by most of the boys and my wholehearted thanks to all three for your kindness and support.

The game started positively for Bruern with tackles flying in from everywhere! Alex D-B, Henry D and Freddie D were particularly intense in their tackles and this iteration of Bruern 1st XIII suddenly started to achieve the type of physicality that previous teams had achieved so successfully. The added quality to this performance was the distribution of the ball to the wings, once again ably masterminded by Alex D-B who looked comfortable at fly half. This distribution allowed our talented quadrant of wings Jack W, Jack H, Jack B and Teddy C-F to show off their skills and impress with their penetrating runs. It wasn't just their attacking skills on show either, this wonderful foursome also showed their defensive skills with some enormous try saving tackles!

This game was a celebration of the quiet men. The three Jacks, Oliver C-T and Christo K all come to practice and just get on with whatever is thrown at them. I was pleased to say that their hard work in this game inspired the rest of the team to an all-round performance that brought smiles to all the parents who attended. It was a truly accomplished 6-1 win for Bruern. A special mention must also go to Max M who was in the vital role of scrum half. This game was where Max M really influenced the game as he passed well, tackled with vigour, and controlled the game at the ruck and the scrum. It was a lovely performance from all the team and a privilege to watch.

Mr Vadivale