Football: Upper Sixth B v Dragon School

It was an end-to-end thriller in Oxford versus the Dragon. Chances came our way and then disappeared like puffs of smoke as the opposition often caught us napping on the counter. Ralph W’s magic feet brought gasps of awe from the spectators in the first half but his best cross from the left was sadly not converted. Minutes later, it was down to Charlie O’s safe hands to punch away a fine effort from the Dragon and then Dylan LW to shepherd the ball to safety. In a beat, the ball was up the other end again and Chris E. stormed onto it then thumped it in the back of the net like a torpedo. The Dragon then got lucky to equalise just before the break with a lofted cross which went over all our heads and into a gaping goalmouth. 1-1 after a breath-taking first half. After some excellent goalkeeping again and a few forays into their half, including a near miss from Maxi S., we let a couple of Dragon shots slip through our defences and it was suddenly 3-1. In the dying seconds, Chris E., hungry for more, found his form again and cracked another beauty into the net. Bam! A glorious finish but it was not to be. 3-2 final score but a great day out.