Football tournament: Colts Green [A]

The Colts Green team took part in a tournament this week with several other sides from the Oxfordshire region. Unfortunately, it proved to be a tough day out but a great learning opportunity to finish the term off, as the side struggled to get forward momentum in their games but pushed through the tournament and persevered admirably. Individually there were some fantastic performances, notably from Eduard H who was swapped in as goalkeeper in the second game but worked relentlessly to fend off many attempts from the opposition sides.

The tournament was finished with a chance well taken by Jack P, who slotted a looping shot from near the half-way line that soared over the top of the opposition goalkeeper to end a difficult afternoon with an encouraging goal. The key positive that we drew from the afternoon was that the boys showed excellent composure and resilience in the face of defeat and were able to come away knowing the personal areas that they will look to build on when the football season returns next academic year.

Well done boys, we hope that you have a great Easter rest ahead of the cricket and athletics season opening up next term!

Mr Burns