Football: Senior D v The Dragon School [A]

The Senior D's football squad travelled to The Dragon for their second to last game of the season. Bruern started strong with quick footwork from Will G and Pierce G, with both passing accurately and with great conviction. However, James P in goal was tested from the outset and The Dragon quickly scored a couple in close succession. Undeterred Luca T, Arthur A and Alex B in defence held a great line, with Arthur A in particular making some brilliant passes far up the field to Matthew W and Charlie C. Bruern went into the break 4-0 down but came out flying for the second half. James P quickly pointed that the goals were different sizes and with that no further balls hit the back of the net. Although Bruern weren't able to find the back of the opposition's net; our defensive style of play remained strong and I was super impressed with the determination and stamina of the team. Well done all!

Miss Adam