Football: Senior D v Oratory Prep 4th IX [H]

There are occasions when the scoreline negatively affects the enthusiasm and enjoyment of a much weaker team. This was no such occasion, as the much weaker team continued to enjoy playing without being concerned, or affected by, the scoreline. So much so, the scoreline won’t be mentioned in this report.

It was clear to see during the opening minutes, the Oratory Prep 4th IX were going to struggle against the Bruern D team. To emphasise this, the ball only entered the Bruern half 4 times in the first 20 minutes of play and only then after 2 Bruern players had been taken off. However, this one-sided affair amazingly didn’t dampen the opposition’s keenness to play and their intent on enjoying it. Whilst it wasn’t the challenge the Bruern boys were wanting, it provided an opportunity to reflect on the importance, for both teams, of a balanced game and to gain an insight into the art of empathy. We’ve all be on the wrong end of ridiculously heavy defeats and unsurprisingly not enjoyed it - this wasn’t the outcome the Bruern contingent wanted.

Even though the OP team were happy to continue unchanged, some of the Bruern boys recognised the benefits for everyone, in making the second half more of a contest and as such volunteered to play for the opposition. Well done to Chris E and Edward R - not only for volunteering, but also helping their new teammates develop their footballing skills. Also, thanks to those diehard Bruern players who agreed to be extra subs, or play at “half speed” for the rest of the game. So, on this occasion football was the clear winner and no scoreline is required.

Well done everyone!

Mr M Moore