Football: Lower Sixth B v Dragon School

Excitement amongst the boys as we got back to matches after last week's games were cancelled. A quick journey into Oxford to play The Dragon. The team was captained by Theo R. We played a 9 a side game and took a squad of 12 allowing us to rotate players on and off to give the team a well needed boost of energy from our rested players every 5 minutes.
We set out to play a high press and to put pressure on the opposition and to keep them boxed into their own half. A quick start and we were 3 goals up with fantastic play from our midfield partnership of Theo R and Aston B and our wide attacking players Toby B, Noah E and Rudy S. The Dragon struck back and levelled the game for half time.
The second half started fast once more and we took the lead again with a wonder strike from Aston B outside the box finding the back of the net, there certainly were some cheers from the crowd. The game got to 6-6 with 3 minutes to play. We continued to control possession and finally had a breakthrough. With the game at 7-6 and Bruern leading it was a tense final 2 minutes. Our defensive duo in the middle of Monty F and Rupert N with Max M our goalkeeper shouting orders from behind we held on to the lead and the final whistle blew with a Bruern victory.
Certainly one of the best games I have watched this season. Well played chaps!