Football: Colts Reds v Magdalen College [A]

On Wednesday afternoon, the Junior Red team made their way to sunny Oxford for a game against the mighty Magdalen College School (MCS)! Our captain, Milo R, guided the team in a quick warm up before we excitedly stepped onto the pitch. MCS showed no mercy and scored 3 goals in the first 15 minutes. Luckily, our battling Bruern boys kept it up and produced some beautiful defence. Archie H-W and Adam H were incredibly consistent, by marking a player and sticking to them. This inevitably put pressure on MCS and Bruern were able to gain possession a lot more by the second half. Sam D was also a ball of energy throughout and managed to defend against every single MCS player at some point in the match. The boys were highly encouraged, not only by their loud and effervescent coach, but by MCS’ very own coach who brought the team in a huddle and offered advice. This really touched the boys as well as myself and the parents present.

Our goalkeepers, Sam D and Alfie M never let their heads drop and put up a fight in goal. Unfortunately, the score board does not depict the amount of goals they actually managed to save, which was many saves from the boys combined! Despite the loss, the boys were highly praised on their exceptional attitude and good spirits! A perfect way to end a game of football, they should be so proud of themselves.

Miss Munns