Football: Colts Green v Chesterton Primary School [H]

On Tuesday, Bruern Prep - Colts Green - played Chesterton Primary at home. Being our closest competitors logistically, the rivalry runs deep.

The first half was exceptionally close with both teams defending and attacking with great determination. Arthur M ran some great lines which helped the boys open up the space and play to the best of their ability. Bruern scored a fantastic goal when Ebrahim B sent the ball flying low into the back of the net; however, swiftly Chesterton Primary scored an equaliser. It was all to play for as we entered the second half; and Bruern went out with the aim to keep the ball moving, with strong, on target passes. Despite the boys best efforts Chesterton Primary closed the match with a winning goal.

The Colts Green team should be extremely proud of themselves. They maintained a high level of energy and focus throughout the game, and I don't doubt a win for the team is just around the corner.

Mr E Bryant