Football: Colts Green v Ashfold School [H]

The Colts were at home (BSA) on Wednesday afternoon on a grey but fair-weathered afternoon where they played a well contested match in very good spirits against Ashfold School. The two major positives that came from the match were firstly, the very evident level of improvement in all areas of the game that the boys displayed; from their technical ability and play, to the positivity and camaraderie shown throughout. Secondly, the communication that I could hear from the boys was all very positive with a few of the boys showing some clear leadership qualities, rallying the team together after conceding and framing small mistakes as learning opportunities.

Felix P
was excellent in his first game as a captain - he was vocal and gave 100% effort. William W showed a lot of strength and perseverance when playing in central defence, Jack P wowed on multiple occasions with some nifty turns against defenders and a brilliant, lobbed goal from the wing. Ebrahim B-K also took some excellent opportunities to get off some great shots and put the defence under pressure.

The man of the match on this occasion though was undoubtedly Francis F, who seemed to be everywhere, at every moment in the game - Francis played a key role in most of the attacking efforts, but was constantly tracking back to help out the defensive back line and gave an admirable, very high level of effort throughout the entire game!

Despite taking a 4-2 loss, it was a very positive experience all-round, and the boys came away smiling and revelling in the development that they had shown on the pitch. Well done to all involved!

Mr Burns