Football: Boys v Staff

Once again there was a hive of activity and the usual banter between the boys and staff as they took to the pitch for the annual boys v staff football match. The staff team were out early warming up, some of them starting their warmup over an hour early to make sure every limb and muscle were suitably stretched before the top of the table clash!

There were some superb skills on display [and some questionable moves on and off the ball, mainly from the staff] from all who took part and despite goals a plenty from both teams the final few minutes saw the Bruern boys use their stamina and speed to break a sturdy wall of defence to edge the win to uphold their year group's unbeaten tradition. The final score was 8-6 to the boys.

Thank you to all that came to watch and cheer on from the sidelines.

Courtesy of Mr Barrett there is a superb round up of the Senior A XI to showcase their season. It is a heart-string-tugging watch!