Football Tournament

This week was something a bit different for the boys and my goodness did they enjoy it!

After a slow start (0-4,0-4,0-2 losses) against some very impressive opposition, the boys began to find their feet. They grew in confidence as each match progressed and they eventually got their first win on the board with a 1-0 against local rivals, Chesterton Primary. However, the result is only half the story of this particular match... With the boys lacking the usual confidence and my constant tinkering of positions not having the desired effect, I was forced to look elsewhere for inspiration. After a short discussion with the season ticket holders and loyal fans stood behind me; it was agreed that I dangle a carrot to spark the boys into life. Having not scored any goals during the 30 minutes of game play so far, I proposed to the boys that if they were able to score a goal in the match against Chesterton Primary, then I would treat them to a spot of lunch. Only 4 minutes later, we had knee slides, roly- polies and a rather unhappy bank manager! Thankfully Neil has come to the rescue and the boys will be having a top secret lunch in the art room, to rival even Sterling's Oyster Club!
The last match of the competition was against our Bruern team, the boys on both teams played in wonderful spirit and were far more comfortable in expressing their footballing abilities.
Well done to all and thank you to the loyal fans who braved yet another wet and windy games afternoon!

Mr E Bryant