Cricket T20: Colts B XII v Ashfold [A]

The Colts B’s were lucky enough to play on a pristine pitch in a secluded walled garden section of Ashfold’s grounds on Wednesday, which made for a calm, focused atmosphere and a great game of cricket.

Theo S captained the team and opened the batting for Bruern with Oscar B. The boys batted in pairs, with all pairs giving it a great go and working well together, although a little tentative at times. Nevertheless, the boys were all very happy throughout the innings and a special mention must go to Blake J who was one of my two chosen ‘men of the match’; he hit the ball with confidence, picking up a four and a number of runs in his pair. The other man of the match was Eduard Haniel, who very kindly volunteered to play for the other team for the whole game due to them being short on numbers, which was hugely appreciated by the Ashfold coach and team. Bruern ended the innings on +37.

The fielding side of things saw some super sharp awareness and accurate throws from Kit T, and brilliant stops from Duke M and Mark R, who very nearly caught an Ashfold player out with a dramatic jumping catch. Bruern did end up behind Ashfold in the scoring, but in the end came within a few wickets after what looked as though it would be a stunning comeback. Lawrence C R-B bowled fantastically well, as did Archie H-W - great work both!

There was certainly a lot of growth in confidence, enjoyment and camaraderie on show throughout the afternoon and I’ve no doubt that these boys will be on to winning ways very soon too!

Mr Burns