Cricket Pairs Incrediball: Colts C v Ashfold [A]

On Wednesday, the Colts C’s headed to Ashfold for a friendly game of pairs cricket. Our captain, George G, led us onto the field as Ashfold started the batting. As the first ball flew into the air, our Bruern boys were quick to get it back to our bowler. I was particularly impressed with Will W's ability to assess his position on the field in order to make quick and effective decisions. In a total of 12 overs, majority of the boys gave it a go at bowling. Our very own James B hit the wicket which resulted in a 5 run loss to Ashfold.

By the time it was Bruern’s turn to bat, we were a man down, however this did not stop the boys determination to go out there and give it their best. Bruern equalised Ashfold’s score by our second last batting pair. Thanks to all the boys efforts as batsman, we were only 10 runs away from victory. Fortunately, Francis F finished the batting with two solid 4’s, resulting in a triumphant win for Bruern.

It was a really commendable game as many of the boys were new to playing cricket matches and were excited to be apart of the atmosphere!

I cant wait to see them grow more into their confidence and abilities as players.

Miss Munns & Miss Adam