Stargazing at the Senior School

Life Skills

We have an exciting update from our recent stargazing campout in the garden! Our young astronomers had an unforgettable night exploring the wonders of the night sky with a special thanks to Lucas G for lending us the Dobsonian telescope.

During this amazing evening, our budding stargazers aimed the telescope at the moon and were amazed by the level of detail they could see. The half-moon revealed its craters and features in a way that pictures simply can't capture. It was a truly magical experience! But the excitement didn't stop there. They also turned their gaze to Jupiter and were able to spot the bright light of the gas giant along with one of its moons. Witnessing this cosmic dance left our young astronomers in awe of the vastness of our solar system.

Thank you to all the parents for your support in encouraging your children's fascination with astronomy. We can't wait to share more astronomical adventures and discoveries with you in the future.

Clear skies and endless wonder,

Mr. Fyfe