School Council


The School Council is made up of one councillor from each class. These boys act as representatives of their classmates in discussing school issues. Meetings take place twice a term headed by Mrs Phillips and Mr B. Bryant. It is a brilliant way of contributing to the pupil voice in the school. Ideas and areas for consideration are then presented to Mr Floyd. In the past the School Council has instigated the introduction of tuck on Wednesday afternoon, of healthier eating options and proposed the chickens and the playframe to name just a few of the many ideas that have come to fruition. The boys met last Monday, and we thought it would be informative to let parents know what has been put forward for consideration this term. In our food and beverage section, boys asked if they could have porridge every day and requested more gluten free options at mealtimes. In terms of lessons and activities, boys were keen to see a diabolo club added to the Wednesday afternoon schedule and for food technology lessons to be introduced for all year groups. On a more practical side, boys requested that we install toilets and a water fountain near the DT block and that an astroturf sports pitch be installed.

Once Mr Floyd has given us his response, we will give feedback to boys in the Monday morning assemblies.

Mrs Phillips and Mr Bryant.