School council

General News

The School Council is made up of one councillor from each class. These boys act as representatives of their classmates in discussing school issues. Meetings take place twice a term headed by Mrs Phillips and Mrs James. It is a brilliant way of contributing to the pupil voice in the school. Ideas and areas for consideration are then presented to Mr Floyd. Following on from points raised at last term's meeting, the boys have successfully negotiated new goal posts for the back lawn, a review of the lunchtime salad bar and a funding request has been given to Amici Bruerni for some new play area equipment.

This year’s representatives are:

Uppers: Balthazar B, Max M, Inigo H , Larry W , Dylan L-W, Thomas P, Max M, Monte F, Teddy C-F and Ben

Juniors: Raffy L, Walter H, Hugo B, Nico H, Theo S, Blake J.

Congratulations to all the boys involved.