Police detectives and forensic officers


The Upper Juniors spent a day being police detectives and forensic officers. On Monday they attended a Crime Scene Investigation workshop led by a highly specialist team from PULSECSI. The boys donned SOCO (Scene of Crime Officer) suits, took fingerprints, looked at hair and fibre samples and analysed footprints.

They learned about DNA profiling and the collection and the preservation of crucial evidence. This was then applied to a crime scene scenario where the boys had to report findings, complete incident reports and study suspect profiles.

This year, as we were taking imprints of our fingerprints, we uncovered some amazing new evidence. Three of the Year 6 boys; Sam D, Archie H-W and Nico H (see below) have very rare tented arch fingerprints. This is so rare that only 1% of the population have this type of print!

Lots of fun was had by all and the evidence suggests that they all had a great day!

Mrs Phillips