Headmaster's Commendation - 2/9/2024


Commendations go to the following boys this week.

Alex K [pictured left] for his poem 'All is hell on the western front' [read below] and for Maxwell L and Leo H [pictured right] in RS this week. Well done to both for beautifully written reimagined stories based on the parable of the Good Samaritan.


All is hell on the western front.

The sky is black and the mud is grey,

the plumes of smoke billow from the crater of shells.

The guns are never ending,

the tank tracks are bending,

and the guns roar as loud as a lion.

The soldiers are all dying.

In the night so dark and bleak the Jerry lurk like larks

And no one can get any sleep.


goes another shell.

The soldiers shouts are bells,

tank tracks trample anything in their path rolling over bodies and banks.

The battlefield roars and rumbles and soars and tumbles.

The sun rises one last time,

it shows the grass as green as lime

Bodies of the deceased lay everywhere,

pierced with bullets as angry as bulls,

the wind is silent,

soldiers are gone.

What did they do wrong?