Geography residential: Norfolk nomads


From swamp-infested socks to scientific measurements our lower 6th boys have really put their minds to task. Do you know your meanders from your fords? No, neither did we, however we had fun falling in them. With statistics in hand and an eye for riverside measurements the boys have had an insightful adventure challenging boundaries and getting to know each other more outside of school.

Across the week the boys have tackled much of the ‘theory’ based element and all the practical elements of their CE fieldwork project. They’ve built teamwork skills climbing ‘Jacobs Ladder’ together, guiding each other through obstacle courses, designing rockets, rock climbing, building fires and shelters together as well as enjoying some much-needed down time to just be boys!

Your sons have been impressive and great school ambassadors, we’ve been fortunate enough to see many of them continue to come out of their shells in a different environment and demonstrate wonderful respect and kindness toward one another. We return very worn out but with heaps of memories and a nice chunk of the CE geography syllabus ticked off very positively.

Watch the video here

A huge well done to all of the boys!

Mr Burns, Mr Ford, Ms Szmyt and Mr Wagstaff