Crime Scene Investigators!


The Upper Juniors spent this week being police detectives and forensic officers. On Tuesday they attended a Crime Scene Investigation workshop led by a highly specialist team from PULSECSI. The boys donned SOCO (Scene of Crime Officer) suits and took fingerprints. They learned about DNA profiling and the collection and preservation of crucial evidence. This was then applied to a crime scene scenario where the boys had to report findings, complete Incident Reports and Suspect Profiles.

On Wednesday morning they got to investigate a crime scene, mocked up by Mrs Phillips. Using their maths skills and teamwork the budding Inspector Morses got to measure vital evidence and log details of the scene. They were then given a detailed workbook containing code breaking and maths problem solving conundrums. By working through these this enabled them to eliminate suspects and establish who had been murdered and who had committed the crime. Our budding Sherlock Holmeses and Dr Watsons demonstrated some super sleuthing skills. The jury’s out on whether our boys will ever 'walk the thin blue line', but they all took it in the 'line of duty' and were clearly loving every minute of it.