Celebrating 22 years!

Special Events

Julie is celebrating 22 years at Bruern Abbey so we thought a few little stories from back in the day would lighten the mood. Of course nothing out the ordinary happens at Bruern in these current times! Or do they! Julie started at Bruern originally to start in the laundry, she actually ended up in the kitchen. As you all know Julie flocked back to the laundry department where she is today.

"We used to have a boy we called ‘Pot Noodle boy’ he used to come in to the kitchen and stand in the same place every day and just eat his Pot Noodle."

"John also recalls a boy used to come in for a marmite and marmalade sandwich. Which of course we did whatever the boys wanted in those days."

"I do remember the fire brigade coming as there was a boy stuck up in a tree in the woods."

Keep doing what you do Julie, and here is to many more memories.