Bruern tackles the Rugby World Cup!


Last Friday, 34 boys from both the senior and the prep school travelled to Lille. After spending the day seeing some of the sights in Lille (the citadel was a particular highlight) and clearing the local boulanger out of baguettes, the boys donned their shirts and we headed to the stade. The National Anthem was rousing, as were the rumbles of 'Swing Low' that filled the stadium. Samoa's Manu Siva Tau (similar to the Haka) was a real spectacle. It was an impressive though short-lived start to the match for England. England were, at least, consistent ('scrappy' as Farrel put it post-match), keeping us all on the edge of our seats right until the final whistle. It was an incredible experience to see a World Cup match and I am pretty certain fun was had by all!

Mr Walker