Staying at Bruern

Flexible Boarding

Bruern Abbey's system of truly flexible boarding recognises that for three-quarters of Bruern boys, they've found the right school but a daily commute is not realistic.

It offers, for those parents who wish it, a choice of one to four nights of boarding in the peace, security and beauty of the Oxfordshire countryside, without compromising their three nights and a full weekend of family life at home.

Far from fumes and traffic, boys are able to concentrate fully on their studies from Monday to Friday and to take advantage of all that Bruern has to offer.

Click here to download the Boarders' Handbook.

Day Pupils

The School also welcomes day boys, who arrive by 8.15 a.m. (9.00 a.m. on Monday) and are free to return home at 6.10 p.m., except on Friday, when they are free at 3. 45 p.m.